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I've been writing since age 5, but have gotten better! My world is fanciful, colorful, educational is a story theme, and reflects my Aquarian mind! I'd love to hear from everybody, on my Facebook page. Enjoy!
Louise Argyle Laukhuff
Little Bunnys Adventure book by author Louise Argyle Laukhuff

Little Bunny's Adventure

What Little Bunny Learned

Little Bunny disobeys her mother’s warning not to leave home alone, and she does so anyway. She has a series of false-alarm scares, but encounters a real threat, and gets lost as dusk closes in. What is worse, she had a funny feeling that she was doing wrong by leaving home, and learned she should have listened to that feeling.

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An eclectic collection of poetry from many places I have been to and observations of life as I see it.